iGEM Team Heidelberg 08 „Ecolicence to Kill“

The Idea

Synthetic Biology is a very young and dynamic scientific field. And as most modern scientific fields, synthetic biology offers many chances in solving actual problems. But on the other hand- and we want to communicate that quite clearly here- synthetic biology also comprises risks. The same risks that every modern science entains. Profound and detailed analyses of the ethical aspects concerning synthetic biology can be found on the following pages of other iGEM teams (TUDelft, Calgary, KULeuven). In our opinion, there is an important step before ethical considerations of synthetic biology can be made by the public or by policy makers: They first have to know about synthetic biology, have to understand this new research area and therefore have to understand the basics of molecular and cell biology. And this step is where our project is involved.
"Only a well-informed public is able to develop a non-prejudiced and profound opinion about synthetic biology."
(Copyright: iGEM Team Heidelberg 08, 2008)

Dieses Engagement hat die Jury der iGEM 2008/Boston mit dem Sonderpreis "Best Human Practices Advance" gewürdigt. Es hat u.a. zur hohen Auszeichnung einer Goldmedaille für das iGEM Team Heidelberg 08 geführt. Der Vorstand der MTZstiftung gratuliert herzlich und verfolgt mit Interesse die Teilnahme an der iGEM 2009/Boston.

Filmbericht von capmus tv - „Ecolicence to Kill“ erzielt die meisten Preise beim internationalen iGEM-Wettbewerb in Boston