The MTZ®-BIOPRO Student Prize

A motivating step on the way to studying Life Sciences

The MTZ®-BIOPRO Student Prize makes it possible to honour student performance in the field of biotechnology and thus upgrades the image of the specialized ´biotechnology secondary school´, especially in regard to its significance for medically-oriented cell and gene research. The prize will be awarded each year to the best graduate in the subject of biotechnology at each biotechnology secondary school. The prize will consist of a book prize and a certificate. The presentation of the prize will take place at the time of the presentation of the ´Abitur´ certificates at each school. The MTZ®Foundation regards this prize as a major motivating step toward a corresponding university education. Thus, the prize plays an important role within the overall plan of the MTZ®Foundation and the ensemble of the individual special MTZ®-Awards. The aim is to create an incentive for obtaining one of the coveted MTZ®-Awards after a successful university education in this subject area.
Within the scope of their activities BIOPRO also actively engage in promoting young people through its school and biotechnology projects. “We are very glad that we can set an example for biotechnology secondary schools in Baden-Württemberg. We sincerely hope that some of the award recipients will also find their professional future in the life sciences sector. With the MTZ®Foundation we have found an excellent partner, for their statement of explanatory statement contains this same objective” explains Dr. Barbara Jonischkeit, project manager in charge at BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg Ltd.

Every year, BIOTECHNICA is host to a number of awards ceremonies. This time, the MTZ-Foundation and BIOPRO jointly awarded the MTZ BIOPRO graduate prize, which goes to high school graduates with the best performance among vocational high schools specialised in biotechnology in Baden-Württemberg, and which had also caught the eye of the biotech branch at the BIOTECHNICA fair.

(Text: Research in Germany, 2009)

(Foto: MTZ®stiftung)

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