The idea

“For a better future…” is the basic idea behind the objectives that we set when establishing the MTZ®Foundation. But why would two individuals take an interest in cell and gene research in their leisure time when their professional lives revolve around the wording of the law and its implementation? For us, that’s an easy question to answer. Aside from art and culture, we are also fascinated by the uniqueness of nature, and yet we are aware that it´s not always flawless. The human body as well may be flawed; cell functions may get out of control and be at risk. Because of this, both of us lost one of our parents very early on and we were harshly confronted with the finiteness of life. Consequently the main objective of our commitment is to support young scientists doing research on the causes and coherencies of diseases who are making a significant contribution towards the prevention and overcoming of such diseases – true to our motto “For a better future…”.

Thomas and Monika Zimmermann

The MTZ®Foundation based in Erkrath-Trills, Germany, was founded in September 2006 by Monika and Thomas Zimmermann.